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Steps for accessing your NEGATIVE COVID-19 test result:

Step 1: Register as a new user
– By registering, you are giving consent to the CNMI Governor’s COVID-19 Task Force to gather your personal information. Any suspicious or malicious activity will be referred to the proper local and/or federal authorities.

Step 2: Sign in using your username and password

Step 3: Type your last name and Confirmation ID to search for your result
– A search using Confirmation ID will display corresponding results within the last two weeks.

Step 4: Save or print a hard copy of your results immediately.
– It will take at least 72 hours for your results to be processed and posted. If you do not see your test results, please check again in 24 hours.
– Results will only be available on this site for a timeframe. Results after the two weeks must be made by special request only.

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Monday – Sunday: 7:00am – 8:00pm

The community based testing and incoming traveler screening are both surveillance tools of the Governor’s COVID-19 Task Force which helps us to identify people who may be infected with the virus, especially those who may be pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic, so we can direct these people to the appropriate care, contain the virus, and prevent its spread using tools such as quarantine, isolation, and contact tracing. Testing results from these surveillance initiatives should not be considered a substitute for diagnostic testing for SARS-Cov2, the virus which causes COVID-19.

If you have tested before July 7, 2020, your test results may not be available.

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